Cyclonauts Bicycle Club
Springfield, Massachusetts

Guidelines for Group Riding During Covid-19 Pandemic

The following rules are meant to minimize the risk of infection during Club rides, but no rules can guarantee that infection will not occur, so it is each member’s individual responsibility to decide to participate or not. The Club does not imply or guarantee the safety from infection of any ride participant.
The Cyclonauts, at the discretion of the Board, may modify these rules or shut down group rides with no prior notice if problems should arise.


o Do not attend a ride if you are experiencing any symptoms of the Covid-19 disease.
o Ride leaders must provide cue sheets. Cue sheets should have designated regroups               where there is sufficient space for social distancing (6ft) and rides should not start at         the ride leader’s house.
o Rides are limited to 10 participants. Interested participants must email to                         to sign up by Thursday prior to each ride. Slots will be              filled on a first come, first serve basis. If more than 10 people sign up for a ride they            will be notified that the ride is full. See below.
o All rides to begin at 9:00am or later.
o We strongly recommend against carpooling.
o No restaurant stops  (participants should have breakfast at home prior to ride and                bring their own snacks as needed).
o All participants to have face masks and antiseptic hand wash available for use.

Pre-Ride and Post-Ride:

o Face masks should be worn and social distancing observed when preparing bikes,               getting pre-ride instructions, and when packing up bikes and saying goodbyes.
o Cue sheets should be placed on a car windshield so they can be taken by each rider                individually (ie not handed out by the ride leader).


o Face masks can be removed when the bike ride is underway but should be worn during      extended stops if 6 feet distance can not be maintained between riders.  Bike trails              should be avoided but if necessary, masks must be worn while on a trail.
o Appropriate distancing (about 30 feet or 5 bike lengths) should be maintained between     cyclists at all times.

o Drafting is prohibited.

o Faster riders should depart first.
o When overtaking another cyclist (on the left only) it should be done quickly and the            overtaking rider should reestablish the appropriate distancing (about 30 feet)
o Two abreast riding should be avoided

Cyclonauts Temporary Ride Scheduling Procedure

​​As previously announced, the Cyclonauts will resume rides on a limited basis starting the first weekend in September. There will be only one ride per weekend and each ride will be limited to 10 participants including the ride leader. This is necessary to ensure that the special Covid-19 pandemic ride guidelines can be maintained and everyone can remain safe during club rides.

In order to accomplish this, rides will not be posted on the website and the following procedure will be used:

o By Monday evening of each week a description of the next weekend’s ride with          the starting town, but without the specific starting location, will be e-mailed to        all club members.

o By Thursday evening of each week, those that want to participate in that                      weekend’s ride should respond to the Monday e-mail with their name and a              short statement that they have read and agree to the guidelines provided in the        club’s ride resumption announcement letter (see above). “Yes, I have read the          guidelines and I agree” will be sufficient. Please be sure that you will participate      in the ride if you respond since participant slots are limited.

0 The first 10 respondents will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible, but no            later than Friday, that they are confirmed to ride, along with the specific start          location and time.

o Additional respondents will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible, but no              later than Friday, that the ride is full and they cannot participate.

While this procedure may be tedious, it is necessary at this time. If we find that it can be improved during the next few months we will be happy to make changes. Hopefully next year when the pandemic is in our rear view mirror we will be able to get back to a normal schedule and rules.