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See Betty Siwinski's Letter to the Editor in the Press section of the "More About Us" page.

There is a group forming for the purpose of rail trail biking only, approximately 20 miles, various trails, on Thursdays during the season. For further information please contact Jane Glushik at (413)562-4698 or

See the "Events and Tours" section for exciting non-club events

In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest doing something is better than doing nothing. To learn what to do in 5 short minutes, watch this video -

Note from the Webmaster - I am happy to e-mail notices to club members about ride or hike changes.  Simply send your notice to me, exactly as you want it to be sent to members, at, and I will transmit it at my earliest opportunity. Please do not expect me to edit your notice since I don't know what you are trying to say.


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