Feeling that bicycling offers the rewards of exercise, travel and fellowship, the Cyclonauts Bicycle Club was established in 1965 to promote an active interest in cycling. We are not a racing club (or affiliated with the racing club of the same name). We attempt to offer rides to satisfy the various riding abilities of the membership.

We allow only pedal-assist class A electric bicycles on club rides as per our insurance company and these are the only type of electric bicycle allowed on bicycle trails.

Our bicycling season runs April through October. From November through March the Cyclonauts Bicycle Club continues to be active, offering weekly hiking schedules. Cross-country skiing is often substituted for hiking if there is at least four (4) inches of snow on the ground.

Ready to Join?
We are looking forward to meeting you and having you join us in our activities. You are welcome to try our organization before you join. You must sign a release form before participating in the activity (our insurance mandates this). We hope to see you soon. If you are ready to join you can print the application form here.  

Club Officers

President:  James DeSellier

Secretary:  Ann Morin

​Membership and Treasurer: Janet Parslow

Spokenotes Editor:  Donna Katz

​Trips Chair:  Betty Siwinski

Hikes Chair: 

  • Cindy DeSellier 

​Web Master:  Betty Siwinski

At Large Board Members:   

  • Diane Goguen
  • Bill Grigaitis
  • Ray Siwinski
  • Susan Strange

Notes from the Webmaster
- I am happy to e-mail notices to club members about ride or hike changes. Simply send your notice to me, exactly as you want it to be sent to members, at spfldcyclonauts@gmail.com, and I will transmit it at my earliest opportunity. Please do not expect me to create or edit your notice since I don't know what you are trying to say.​
- A mobile-friendly version of the website can be accessed from your smartphone. This is a convenient way to carry an up-to-date schedule or photo gallery around in your pocket. You can access the website on your phone through your web browser, the same way that you do on your computer (ie type www.cyclonauts.com into the browser address bar). Navigation to schedules, club photos, etc. is through the navigation bars at the upper left of the website screen.
Hint - you can add a cyclonaut.com icon to your home screen by opening the menu bar at the bottom of the website screen and selecting "add to home screen" (iOS devices). Then just tapping on the icon will bring up the website.  Be aware that accessing the website when not on wifi might incur cell provider data charges.

​About US

The content of this website is for the use of Cyclonauts Bicycle Club members only and may not be used or 
reproduced in any form without the express, written consent of the Club President.

Cyclonauts Bicycle Club
Springfield, Massachusetts