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Springfield, Massachusetts

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Cyclonauts Gear

Order your club cycling jerseys and T's

Ascend Sportswear is offering a variety of garments and accessories at prices comparable to what we were paying. At this stage we would like to get a sense of how many members would be interested in purchasing club gear. We are not committed to ordering at this point; we just need to know if we would be able to meet the minimum order. We only need a minimum of 10 core items which can be any combination of jerseys, tech tees,  shorts, or jackets, male or female.

Here are some sample prices for our most popular items:

Touring jersey, club cut $60

Shorts $79

Wind vest &89

Wind jacket $99

These are basic garment prices - all are available at more elite levels with more features, advanced fabrics, etc. Jerseys can also be made sleeveless or long sleeved. Bib shorts are available. There are many other items available such as tech tees, thermal vests, thermal jackets, and a wide variety of accessories such as socks.

In the meantime, there are two pairs of high quality Cyclonauts bike shorts still available from our last order - please contact me if you are interested in those.  Liz Sturgen,