Cyclonauts Bicycle Club
Springfield, Massachusetts

                                         Bicycle Safety Rules

1. The ride leader is responsible to be sure that any non-club member signs the              club’s Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement, found on our website.

2. Be sure each member of the group is wearing a helmet.

3. Review the following safety rules before each ride:

★ Signal all turns, slowing, stopping, and road hazards. Use hand signals only when it is safe        to remove one hand from the handlebars. Call out turn and hazards, such as “pothole” or          “runner up”, etc.

★ Ride single file unless not obstructing traffic (never more than double file).

★ Pass other riders only on the left, and announce your intentions by calling “passing” or “on        your left”.

★ Call out the presence of overtaking or oncoming vehicles by calling out "car back" or “car            up”, respectively. When you hear this, get into single file and move to the right as quickly as      you can safely do so. Slow down a bit to allow riders on your left to pull in to single file.

★ Proceed through an intersection only when you have determined that it is safe to do so. It        is each rider’s individual responsibility to verify that the traffic conditions are safe. Do NOT        simply follow the person in front of you.

★ When stopping, get completely off of the road. Do NOT stop short in front of another rider.      Do NOT pull out in front of oncoming riders.

★ When regrouping allow room for all riders to be off of the road. Do NOT regroup before an      intersection.

★ Obey all traffic laws. Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists when          using public roadways.

★ Never leave anyone alone on the route.

★ Practice civility on the road. Motorists notice courtesy, and it helps make the roads safer for      all cyclists.

                                                                 ~ ~ ~

                                                Have a safe bicycle season!